Applying DevOps Principles for Better Malware Analysis

Olivier Bilodeau, <>

$ whoami

  • Security Researcher at GoSecure nsec

  • NorthSec Exec

  • The Linux/Moose talk guy


Problems of malware analysis

  • Not accessible to newcomers

  • Easy to mess things up (get infected)

  • Building an environment is guess work

Current malware analysis toolchain

  • Vanilla Win 7 VMs (or more recent versions)

  • No trace of a previous user

  • Manual installation of numerous tools


  • Can lead to cross-infected VMs

  • Can’t build or reuse templates

  • Time consuming

The 90’s called and they want their methodology back

web surfing time

What can we change?


Shoulder of giants

2 years ago this wasn’t possible…​

But now it is, thanks to DevOps tools!

  • Packer, Vagrant

  • Chocolatey

  • WinRM, PowerShell

How can I get this?

pip3 install git+

How does it work?

  • Build a profile

  • You will have a vagrant box (your base VM)

  • Spin a Vagrantfile for each of your analysis

  • Use Vagrant to manage VMs afterwards

You can

  • Share your prebuilt box in same company

  • Use trial versions of Windows for instant analysis!


Useful for

  • Reduce art, augment science

  • Get new people into malware analysis

  • Improve workflow of seasoned analyst/teams

Quoting CERN

CERN Data Centre Evolution

Blog post soon!